Hello again.

After a very hectic winter we now have the summer season upon us here at the brewery.  To start things off we are having a BBQ on Friday night between 4 and 8pm.  This will be on every Friday during the summer so we look forward to meeting as many people as possible in our ‘english style’ beer garden!

At brewery HQ, Seb has been busy brewing, with another batch of our ‘Bette Noir’ stout on it’s way. He also has some company now as Dan has moved down from Smokey Joes in Les 2 Alpes and we also are lucky to have a ‘stagiaire’ for the summer.  Thomas Evans has joined us for the summer from the University of Dijon and, along with Seb, they will be conjuring up some new session beers.

We have some building work going on at the moment at the brewery, primarily trying to create more space so we can expand our cold room.  Luckily Jaap from has been working away on this for us.

For the next week we will have our usual market stall on Saturday and don’t forget the BBQ on Friday between 4-8pm.

All for now.